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Piano Roll

2014-04-19 12:19:24 by KennyChu

Currently making an awesome song out of a game that I played back when I was young called Mega Turrican. If anyone can help with the piano (left hand part) welcome to help. I did most of the track, just need a piano (left hand part). If you're interested shoot me a PM or comment below. 


I'll be given credit to supporters. if you want to be in my future remixes, please shoot me a PM.

Back to Genesis Sound

2014-02-16 23:52:49 by KennyChu

Hey guys, since long time I have not posted a song. Being super busy with study and stuff, now finally got some free time (mostly still working tho). 

I will be starting a Genesis music thing on my channel, basically I'm planning on doing remixes based on Sega Genesis sounds and drums, will be cool! Looking foward to it!


Would like to help? You can comment below! Any thoughts? Comment below too!

My (instrumental) Keyboard, why is cool!

2013-06-15 02:21:04 by KennyChu

I own a Yamaha PSR-S 910 keyboard and I have to say the sounds and everthing just amazing. Now I mostly making songs using it.

Play Midi/Mp3/Wav:
With PSR-S 910, I can go and play any midi, mp3 and wav files I wanted. The advantages of midi allows me to change instrument to different sounds that comes from PSR-S 910 itself.

Record a song:
The standard midi only have 99 instruments. From PSR-S 910, you can select nearly 100+ instruments and plus those standard midi. With the new instrument, I can record a new song with cool sounds. You can mash 2 instrument together.

When record a song, you can choose to record to USB which will become as wav files, or record to midi which cool sounds will be kept. Even you can play it at computer without loosing its amazing sounds.

Overlap a song:
I can select and play my favorite style from PSR-S 910 and play a midi file along with it. Midi's drum then disables itself and allows my PSR-S 910's style I choose to overlap. This is how I find new songs interesting. I usually disables the bass of the midi file and play my own chord from PSR-S 910's style I choose, and even play around with the instruments to make totally a new song.

When did you brought the keyboard?
I believe was sometime last year, or could be Feb of this year. Can't remember.

Why did you buy it?
I play music from keyboard since the age of 10. Really love songs that people make and I started in Sony Acid Pro just to learn more about midi. Finds out keyboard is essentially midi and then started using FL Studio. Now I decided to upgrade my keyboard and saw this amazing yamaha workstation, so I brought it.

..And how much?
No idea, my previous post says it all.

Hope you guys enjoy my tracks, see you around.

My New Keyboard

2013-02-16 04:42:42 by KennyChu

Since I brought a Yamaha PSR-S 910. I want to make songs directly from this and upload it to newgrounds. I'll be making mostly in Gaming... Other songs are also under works! So make sure to check it out...

Yes, I used to use Fl Studio when I had my mini 96keys keyboard. That was basic, so I had to use Fl Studio to do the rest. Now that amazing Yamaha PSR-S 910 has saved me lots of time!

Songs from Sonic Generations

2012-02-07 22:43:19 by KennyChu

Keep tuned as I'll making songs from Sonic Generations!

In the following years, I've been making music for fun. Now I'm planning to do something new, something special, a song or 2 from Sonic Generations.

If you guys have requests, please PM me or respond below!

Time for Remixes

2011-07-02 07:02:13 by KennyChu

Good to know you guys are enjoying my songs.
However, make songs are not bad I would say. With my keyboard connected to PC and make a song whatever a tune just pop up on my head.

Now I'm going to try remixing songs as well as making them. Hope it goes well for me.
Please stay tuned and comment.

I will be always love to hear from you guys and improve my music.