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Piano Roll

2014-04-19 12:19:24 by KennyChu

Currently making an awesome song out of a game that I played back when I was young called Mega Turrican. If anyone can help with the piano (left hand part) welcome to help. I did most of the track, just need a piano (left hand part). If you're interested shoot me a PM or comment below. 


I'll be given credit to supporters. if you want to be in my future remixes, please shoot me a PM.


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2015-01-05 22:51:23

Do you know how to play it?
It's a cool instrument, do your next's themes will be just with the piano, some piano and remixes, piano remixes, how's the thing?
Well, talking about something serious, I've send to you a PM...
See ya

KennyChu responds:

The reason I'm asking cuz I learn by hearing. And I've been keyboard player for a long time and don't have the sklls i need to do piano. i mostly hit up fl studio or my keyboard and play a few notes or a whole song if i learn it.