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My New Keyboard

2013-02-16 04:42:42 by KennyChu

Since I brought a Yamaha PSR-S 910. I want to make songs directly from this and upload it to newgrounds. I'll be making mostly in Gaming... Other songs are also under works! So make sure to check it out...

Yes, I used to use Fl Studio when I had my mini 96keys keyboard. That was basic, so I had to use Fl Studio to do the rest. Now that amazing Yamaha PSR-S 910 has saved me lots of time!


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2013-02-16 09:16:53

That's good news! :) How much did it cost?

KennyChu responds:

It's $18.000 AU! Not cheap in a way, but worth it!


2013-02-16 23:51:34

That's a real investment!! Like buying a new car! :D I guess quality equipment does cost, if it lasts a life (or at least half) I guess it's worth it. :P